Save the Royal Bengal Tiger

It is hard not to sympathise with Valmik Thapar. I am filled with anger and sorrow when i see tigers getting poached relentlessly. The sansar chand gang & co  and others get away due to political patronage. Sariska and ranthambore are stark examples. From a high of over 5000 tigers in the 1990s there are now less then 1900-2000 left. The Royal Bengal Tiger is increasingly friendless… 

Friends whoever cares to read this, please please try and understand the tiger depends on us for survival. If you and me donot understand and act, it might be too late. I really wish Mrs Indira Gandhi was alive. her 1972 wildlife act stills affords whatever protection the tiger gets. If you were to ask me what is more important , the Taj or the Tiger, i would blindly say the tiger is more crucial.

This magnificient, seemingly powerful beast is infact helpless, so helpless it moves me to tears sometimes. See the cubs’ photo above, does it deserve to lose its mother/father to some poaching ba***rd?. Lets act before its too late…

Please visit this website…. and know more, contribute….

I will write about  WatpaLuangtaBua yannasampanno or tiger temple in Thailand in my next post. It is indeed a joy to read about the temple and pure joy watching tigers living happily with buddist monks.  

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