Of impotence, the arab world and Israel

I was reading Ha’aretz recently, it described the lebanese crisis in the following vein , ”This mortifying war” was supposed to destroy Hezbollah quickly. But it has now entered its fourth week and far from being destroyed Hezbollah is proving more than a match for the Israeli army. The Arab street is electrified, Arab leaders, emasculated vassals of the United States, look on despondently. Nothing has made them look more impotent than the current bout of fighting.

While Israel’s difficulties are understandable, this move has just played into the hands of the Hezbollah. While it is imperative for the Arab nations to recognise Israel’s right to exist, Israel should show some flexibility in return. This policy of a overwhelming response is of no use as the current cycle has clearly showed. The lack of able administrators in the arab world is evident more than ever before. It is such a shame that the arab leaders refuse to accept the existence of the jewish state after 60 years. However,

Compromise means Israel has an obligation, too. Israel must acknowledge its role in the refugee problem and stop blaming others. It means compensating the Palestinian refugees for lost property with the same vigor of Jews seeking compensation and a restoration of dignity from governments and businesses that cooperated with the Nazis during World War II. It also means the Arab world must compensate Jews who left Arab countries to immigrate to Israel. Arguing about whether any of these Jewish or Palestinian refugees were forced to leave or fled is irrelevant.A compromise needs to come forth from both the sides. it is an incredibly compicated mess, god forbid should nasrallah fire on telaviv, the middle east might well descend into chaos. this bombing will simply provide radical islam the impetus it could have never got on its own and yes hezbollah and co get new sets of suicide bombers too. In that sense Mr.Olmert has unwittingly played into nasrallah’s hands…..

At last, perhaps it would also help if the ‘distingushed leaders’ of the arab world could pull themselves up. Starting to act like real men is definitely not a bad idea to start with…. 

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