Tiger Skin Trade: Sordid saga !

 The BBC came out with an disturbing piece recently!, it said that trade in tiger parts have increased in the recent past. The seizure of Dozens of leopard skins and 108 (yes it is that large!) tiger skins at a Lhasa Monastery shows how fast hopes are fading for today’s tigers. Indira Gandhi would have been ashamed. I see little hope from the National Tiger Authority set up by the government.

It is simple!, unless security norms are tightened and political patronage stopped be ready to show tigers only on videos to your children/ grandchildren!

If anybody is reading this please understand yourself and even tell others, it is plain misconception that tiger parts have medicinal uses!! Whatever Chinese herbal doctors may claim,it is foolish to even say that tiger parts have mdeicinal properties.

We should be thankful to even see that there are 1200 odd tigers left in the wild (back to sqaure one). Gone are the days when the wildlife act ensured that 5000 tigers could live in relative safety (from 1200 in 1971!!!).

These (please insert the profanity of your choice , these wretched dregs merit it wholly!) Sansar Chands and other leading poachers will definitely ruin the tigers if not stopped now!

It is beseeching request to everyone of you reading this column, please spread awareness, only that will the magnificent Cat, he is dependent on us!!!

Spread this message ! and save the tiger!

To understand a little about the Royal Bengal Tiger pls visit,


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Musharaff’s memoirs: Follies unlimited from Bunglers Inc. aka Government of Pakistan

 From what i understand of Musharaff’s memoirs and Sharif’s Book, The Pakistani response to failure or folly is refreshingly simple: just forget about the damned thing ! :). Consign it to the godown (an ever expanding one!!) of unwelcome memories and act as if nothing happened.

They did it with the ‘65 war, no one at the top ever publicly admitting that far from India being the aggressor, Pakistan’s actions in Kashmir invited Indian retaliation. Any internal army analysis about how the Ayub command walked into that mess? It is safe to assume that even the almighty is groping in the dark on this one.

Come 71′, Any admission of atrocities committed in East Pakistan? Any commission set up to investigate the truth? There was the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report kept under wraps for years and released by the current regime only after India Today exposed it and brought egg on Pakistani faces. You could be forgiven if you assumed for a moment heads would roll. Nope not here Sir, The Pak army’s skin is really thick!.

For 20 years the Pakistan army and its intelligence agencies played baffling games in Afghanistan aimed at keeping Afghanistan forever in Pakistan’s orbit of influence. Acquiring ‘strategic depth’ is what their Erwin Rommels called it.

Well the fruits of that policy are bountifully evident today. Guns, drugs, religious extremism, a proliferation of religious schools, the rise of mullah power and a refugee population that has done Pakistan serious damage. A country that cannot acknowledge its war dead cannot be expected to do even a few things correctly. To refuse accepting war dead and insulting them by denying their existence doesn’t speak very well about any aspect of Pakistan.

In this context Musharaff’s account comes across as rather very sorry. While the status of his ‘credibility’ is well known, Pakistan comes across as a rather lousy unsporting loser. The general’s memoirs only reinforce that! It also shows after 59 years of existence the Pakistani nation is yet to come to terms with its identity/ realise what to do. It is just bungling from pillar to post clueless. It presents a very sorry picture indeed and only confirms the already widespread view of Pakistan being an irresponsible nation!

Tailpiece: It is difficult to even imagine that Kargil could be thought as as a ‘victory’ ,  even Ares, the god of war wouldn’t be amused!!!  😦

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