Shogun by Clavell

I was thrilled when Crossword said they would be delivering a copy of James Clavell’s masterpiece ‘Shogun’. Clavell’s Shogun is arguably one of the best books i have read. Historical novels have often been provocative objects of study and this book is no exception to that rule. Shōgun is the first novel chronologically speaking in Clavell’s Asian Saga. It is set in  Japan somewhere around 1600 and gives an account of the rise of Chief of the armies of the East, Yoshi Toranaga (real life Tokugawa Ieyasu) to the Shogunate.

What makes this particular novel so very admirable is that it brings forth a central feature of clavell’s novels particularly well that being ‘the real protagonists in Clavell’s novels are not the characters, but the time and place. The characters themselves form the canvas on which Clavell illustrates a culture so skillfully….

I am also currently reading Wild Swans by Jung Chang and ‘Mao:the unknown story’… I kind of found the book ‘Mao’ very biased though not historically incorrect in many places… i will write more on that later….

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