Mumbai : Enough is enough

My city was bombed mercilessly on July 11. I initially felt , well its wonderful the city as bounced back so well!. But a day later it occured to me, no we bounced back because there was no option. The average mumbaikar is helpless. I feel now that enough is enough. Mumbai pays Rs 50,000 crores in Income tax and some 75000-1,00,000 crores in other taxes. What we get in return? nothing. The city has atrociously bad roads,a railway system that is so overloaded its description is beyond the ambit of the english language. Add the politicians who are only concerned about the cuts they get out of everything. The janata of Mumbai has been a little too patient. People like an SP MP from Colaba and a gangster MLA from South Mumbai roam free after comitting almost all crimes known to man. One is more is likely to come across an anti-national in the assembly floor than the bylanes of South Mumbai. Enough folks wake up!

My heart goes out to the people of the Srinagar and the valley too. It angers me no end to see some scumbag jihadis holding a state to ransom. Kashmiris are getting hurt the most. One cannot but pity the commoners in the state. Think of the trauma that women and children must be going through?. The local economy is suffering blow after blow just as it picks up due to a reviving tourism sector. If it indeed emerges radical islamic groups were behind the Mumbai bombing, it could have omnious portents. I wish this asinine government wake up to the insanity of the jihadist monster that they has been so thoughtlessly unleashed on society.

To end on a positive note Kudos Western Railway

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