Schindler’s List !!! need i say more?

Steven spielberg!- No director has ever put together a more popular body of work. Man! what a phenomenen he is!. I see schindler’s list every week and it never fails to impress me. It impresses, haunts, gives hope… phew this work of art is mindboggling!. To me this movie comes at the very top of ‘The finest movies of all time list’.

 I remember some people I saw at a screening, all with red, glistening eyes affixed to the movie screen. All those people were feeling the pain, the same pain that I knew we were all experiencing, that we all shared. The shared pain of the Holocaust is so enormous, so very tragic its beyond words… See this movie phew! right from the black and white setting to the background music its simply a stunner in all respects. Another director couldn’t have even thought of handling such a topic. Steven spielberg is well and truly ‘The Master’.

Even his latest Munich was masterful. Though i felt the movie did meander a little in the middle stages, the movie was a great watch!

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